Royal Danish Air Force Exercises CC-130J Option

Released on Tuesday, October 19, 2004
United States of America
C-130J Super Hercules
CC-130J Super Hercules
KC-130J Super Hercules
km - kilometre
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Lockheed-Martin has signed a contract with the Royal Danish Air Force for an additional C-130J Super Hercules military transport aircraft. The new aircraft is an option included in a previous contract for three C-130Js, which were delivered earlier this year, placed in 2000.

The C-130J being ordered by Denmark is the long fuselage version, which is also known as the CC-130J or C-130J-30. Moreover, the aircraft features an strengthened cargo ramp and improved airdrop system that allows crews to make airdrops at 250 knots (460 km/h) to avoid anti-aircraft fire in hostile areas. The enhanced cargo handling system allows for rapidly convert the aircraft from hauling rolling stock to palletized cargo system. A tailored electronic warfare suite will be provided as Denmark-specific item.

The Royal Danish Air Force will use the C-130J aircraft to support Danish Defense forces deployments and international forces as well. Danish C-130Js will also fulfill Denmark's commitment with NATO rapid reaction forces.

Lockheed-Martin has reported that more than 180 C-130J Super Hercules are now on order and 115 have been delivered to date. The Air Force Reserve Command and Air National Guard units fly C-130Js. The Marine Corps KC-130J tankers and the US Coast Guard HC-130Js.


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