Russian Air Force Su-34 May Evolve Into Electronic Warfare Aircraft

Released on Wednesday, October 7, 2015
ECM - Electronic CounterMeasures
KRET to supply ECM pods for the Su-34

07 Oct 2015

The fighter will cover itself, and other aircraft

This year KRET will deliver the first batch of ECM pods to the Russian Air Forces. The electronic countermeasure pod converts the Su-34 frontline bomber into an electronic warfare aircraft capable of protecting itself, and other aircraft.

"The Khibiny-10V multifunctional ECM systems are installed in the wingtip pods on each Su-34. This year the Ministry of Defense will receive the first batch of so-called extensible ventral pods to be installed under the fuselage. They convert a standard Su-34 into a dedicated ECM aircraft. which efficiently protects itself and suppresses radars, surface-to-air missiles, early-warning aircraft, etc. That is, it protects the entire aircraft cell", RIA Novosti quotes Vladimir Mikheev, Advisor to First Deputy General Director, KRET as saying.

He also noted that the Su-34 can serve both as a combat aircraft and as an electronic warfare aircraft. Vladimir Mikheev explained that a Su-34 with ECM capability still functions as a bomber.

The Khibiny multifunctional anti-missile system from KRET protects individual aircraft from air-to-air and surface-to-air missile assaults.

The Su-34 fighter and bomber is a 4+ generation aircraft in terms of its combat performance. The Su-34 features extended 4,000 km range, airspeed up to 1,900 kmh, and the latest armament control system.

There are 12 armament stations, an integrated 30 mm gun, four types of guided air-to-air missiles, guided air-to-surface missiles, conventional and smart bombs, cluster bombs and unguided shells.

Source: Su-34 Will Perform as Electronic Warfare Aircraft

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