SAAM-FR Validated after First Salvo Firing from Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier

Released on Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Saudi Arabia
Aster 15
Charles de Gaulle
Sawari II
SAAM - Surface-to-Air Anti-Missile
A first salvo firing of two Aster 15 missiles was successfully carried out from the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle during a training exercise off the eastern coast of North America.

This test firing, carried out by the French Navy during a combined Franco-American training exercise, is the latest validation of the SAAM-FR (Surface-to-Air Anti-Missile) self and local naval air defence system in service on the Charles de Gaulle since 2002.

The aim of the test was to prove the ability of the SAAM-FR system to engage a high sub-sonic anti-ship missile using a salvo of two Aster 15 missiles. Both Aster 15 missiles, each armed with a live warhead, registered a direct hit and fully met all the objectives of the test. These direct hits are further proof of the exceptional accuracy of the SAAM-FR system.

The conclusion of this latest test firing adds to the 100 percent success rate already registered by the SAAM naval system, adding to successful tests already carried out from the Charles de Gaulle and from the three SAWARI II frigates of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces during 2004.


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