SAAM/IT Completes Qualification Trials

Released on Tuesday, January 14, 2003
United Kingdom
Aster 15
Aster 30
Conte di Cavour
Type 45
ECM - Electronic CounterMeasures
FSAF - Future Surface-to-Air Family
PAAMS - Principal Anti-Air Missile System
MBDA has announced the completion of qualification trials of the SAAM/IT self-defense missile system. The last test firing was carried out from the Italian Navy test ship Carabiniere.

This final test consisted of the shoot down of an aerial target simulating a low level subsonic threat protected by ECM. The aerial target was a C22 drone flying close-coupled to another C22, both were protected by ECM. The first C22 was shoot down by an Aster 15 missile fired from the ship Carabiniere.

Despite electronic clutter, SAAM's surveillance and fire control systems worked successfully achieving target discrimination and terminal phase intercept. The Aster 15, guided by its seeker, intercepted the C22 at a range of 10 kilometers (5.4 nm) from the Carabiniere.

The new Andrea Doria carrier, under construction by Fincantieri Shipyards, will be the first ship of the Italian Navy to get the SAAM/IT (Italian SAAM). Afterward the SAAM/IT, integrated into PAAMS, will be installed aboard the Italian Orizzonte class frigates, french Horizon class frigates and British Type 45 (or Daring class) destroyers.

SAAM is been developed under the Franco-Italian FSAF program led by the MBDA corporation. The FSAF program intents to produce a family of ground and naval air defense systems for Italy and France. The SAAM is a naval version that employs the Aster 15 missile with a range of 30 kilometers (16.2 nm) used for local and point air defense. The FSAF missiles are vertically launched to provide a best all-directional defense.

The SAAM includes a multifunctional radar (Italy the EMPAR and France the Arabel), a C2 unit and a Silver VLS. Aster 15 missiles is also included in the joint PAAMS program carried out by the United Kingdom, France and Italy. The PAAMS also includes the impressive 100 kilometers (54 nm) range Aster 30 missile designed to ship area air defense.


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