SEP 8x8 Equipped with Active Armor Concept Survives to Multiple RPG Hits

Released on Thursday, April 17, 2008
Remote Weapons Station
AAC - Active Armor Concept
FMV - Försvarets Materielverk
RPG - Rocket Propelled Grenade
SEP - Splitterskyddad Enhets Plattform
A live firing demonstration on April 17 in Karlsborg, Sweden, showed a Hägglunds SEP 8x8 equipped with AAC from ADS surviving multiple hits from RPG-7 rocket propelled grenades.

After the demonstration the vehicle returned to the spectators at full speed, having sustained only minor scratches.

On a trial site in Karlsborg, Sweden, 65 customer representatives from thirteen countries had the opportunity to witness the demonstration that was conducted in co-operation between BAE Systems Hägglunds, ADS and FMV (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration). The visitors included a Supreme Commander, military Chiefs of Staff and several other important decision makers in the defence and procurement area.

SEP is the modular armoured vehicle for todays and future needs, that provides superior survivability and a unique level of flexibility. The vehicle programme is currently under a development contract with FMV, however the continued development is threatened by perceived short-term savings. The vehicle used in the trial is the 8x8 version of SEP that has been developed under BAE private venture funding for the export market. The open and scalable SEP infrastructure is prepared for integration with a large number of systems, and since the start prepared for full integration with AAC. The overhead weapon station is a 1/2" Lemur from BAE Systems Bofors.

The Active Armor Concept (AAC) system from ADS GmbH consists of sensor and countermeasure packages that is controlled in a distributed network that responds very fast enabling defeat close to the protected vehicle and reduces collateral damage. As such it is possible to add a new level of protection on both sea, land and air units. The countermeasures can be directed without mechanical delays so multi-hits at the same spot can be defeated.

In most international peace-keeping operations there is an opposing counter force which recognize that the value put on the individual life of a soldier make them the best targets to gain political pressure to withdraw the peace enforcers. Many of these theatres have an abundance of the RPG7 and related rocked propelled grenades. An RPG grenade has a shape-charged explosive head that can defeat more than 500 mm of armour plate, and thus is dangerous for even the best protected vehicles including main battle tanks. The tests verified that the AAC system can discriminate small arms non-threats from real threats to the vehicle, and that the system is capable of countering multiple threat scenarios even on a medium-weight SEP. By the comments from the participants the trials were very successful, and both the SEP and the AAC concepts have a bright future ahead of them.

Source: SEPerior Survivability

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