SLAM ER Demonstrates Flex-Targeting Capability

Released on Tuesday, October 28, 2003
The US Navy has announced that during a recent SLAM ER (Stand-off Land Attack Missile Expanded Response) test at NAVAIR test ranges in California in-flight flex-targeting capability was successfully verified and validated.

The in-flight flex-targeting capability enables SLAM ER missile to get target updates after being launched via a built-in data link. This new capability can be added to currently deployed missiles through software updates. The US Navy plans to field this capability in fleet's SLAM ER missiles beginning in 2004. The next capability to be added to SLAM ER missiles planned for 2005 is the ability to engage moving land targets.

During the test, one SLAM ER was launched from an F/A-18C aircraft with missile's seeker pointed at an initial target. When SLAM ER reaches the target area its primary has already been hit by a previous attack. Mission control pilot assess target already hit via video data link and sends new target coordinates several miles away from the primary target to the SLAM ER missile. Finally the SLAM ER scores a perfect hit.


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