SLAM ER Missile System Achieves 2 Launch Milestones

Released on Wednesday, September 30, 2009
United States of America
F-16E Desert Falcon
F-16F Desert Falcon
SLAM - Standoff Land Attack Missile
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 30, 2009 -- The Boeing [NYSE: BA] Standoff Land Attack Missile Expanded Response (SLAM ER) missile system recently reached two program milestones -- the first launch from an F-16 aircraft and the 100th missile launch. Both flights took place at the U.S. Naval Air Weapons Station in China Lake, Calif.

The 100th launch occurred during a U.S. Navy Air Wing training exercise. The missile was launched from an F/A-18C aircraft and received aimpoint updates from an F/A-18F, striking a simulated command and control building. This milestone includes operational launches as well as those conducted for tests and training. The first SLAM ER launch took place in March 1997.

"With these program achievements, SLAM ER continues to prove that it is a very capable and reliable system," said Jim Young, Boeing Harpoon/SLAM ER Weapons program manager. "The launch from the F-16 adds yet another launch platform for SLAM ER, and the 100th launch is proof that the missile consistently performs its missions as designed and provides warfighters a capability they can count on."

SLAM ER is a highly adaptable day and night, all-weather, over-the-horizon precision strike missile capable of hitting stationary or moving targets on land or at sea. It can be launched from safe standoff ranges of more than 150 nautical miles and is the Navy's weapon of choice for surgical strikes against high-value land targets and ships in port and at sea. The missile is fully integrated onto F/A-18A+/C/D/E/F, F-15K, P-3C and S-3B aircraft. It now has been demonstrated on the F-16E/F and is currently being integrated onto P-8A and F-16C/D.

Source: Boeing SLAM ER Missile System Achieves 2 Launch Milestones

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