SLAM-ER Tested aboard F-15E

Released on Friday, February 20, 2004
South Korea
F-15E Strike Eagle
F-15K Slam Eagle
GPS - Global Positioning System
km - kilometre
The Boeing corporation has announced that the Standoff Land Attack Missile Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) successfully conducted the first flight on an F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft.

This is a major step towards fully integration of SLAM-ER missile into Republic of Korea's F-15K weapon system. In June 2002, the Republic of Korea selected the F-15K aircraft for its F-X program along with a weapons package which included the SLAM-ER attack missile.

During this test, the F-15E aircraft carried the SLAM-ER missile and the AWW-13K data link pod. Once in-flight Boeing gathered aerodynamic performance data. The data will be useful for SLAM-ER integration on the F-15K aircraft.

The SLAM-ER will allow the Republic of Korea Air Force to attack targets from safe distances up to 150nm (280 km) away. Flex-targeting capability enables F-15K to aim a single SLAM-ER against multiple potential targets, re-directing the missile to the highest priority target.

The SLAM-ER avionic integration testing on a fully instrumented F-15K aircraft is planned for 2005, with the first live F-15K SLAM-ER launch against a ground target in early 2006.

The SLAM ER was developed for the US Navy. It can fly a pre-planned route to the target area utilizing GPS data and real-time Infrared imagery from missile's seeker. Its data link enables pilots to select the target in the final stage of the flight.

In June 2002, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) placed an order for 40 advanced F-15K multi-role aircraft including 47 SLAM-ER attack missiles as well as bombs and other missile types.


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