SSBN 728 Launched Two Tomahawk Missiles

Released on Wednesday, January 22, 2003
SSBN 726 Ohio
SSGN 726 Ohio
Tomahawk Block III
USS - United States Ship
The Ohio-class submarine SSBN 728 USS Florida recently launched 2 Tomahawk Cruise missiles from a ballistic missile tube during demonstration and validation tests in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of western Florida.

The successful launches provided confirmation that the conversion from SSBN to SSGN of 4 Ohio-class submarines will work.

This at-sea testing demonstrates that all predictions, calculations and previous estimations were correct.

The missile involved in this testing was an instrumented Tomahawk Block III configured with an MK-106 rocket motor assembly to obtain a boosted energy profile of a Tactical Tomahawk, the latest and most sophisticated Tomahawk variant.

The second missile, launched two days later, was similar to the first one but the missile was unarmed and the rocket motor was the MK-111 to obtain a normal boosted energy profile of a Tomahawk Block III missile.

For both tests, the missile was placed within a Multiple All Up Round Canister (MAC) in a configuration similar to the cluster of Tomahawk all up rounds planned for SSGN Trident tubes. The testing also monitored the effect of the launch on adjacent missile tubes.

Related to this testing, Northrop-Grumman was awarded a contract from the US Navy with a potential value of $150 million to continue developing and demonstrating the Multiple All-up round Canister (MAC), cornerstone of the SSGN program.

Each MAC, replacing one Trident missile tube, will be able to accommodate up to seven All-up Round Tomahawk missiles, so each SSGN submarine replacing 22 of its missile tubes could carry up to 154 precision-guided weapons. Currently a Ticonderoga-class cruiser can accommodate 122 weapons, only a part of these weapons are land attack missiles.


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