Saab to Supply Equipment for Finnish and Norwegian Navies

Released on Friday, December 12, 2003
MEKO 200
RBS15 Mk3
The Saab company has received two contracts from Finnish Navy to provide Ceros 200 FCS Fire Control System and Missile Engagement Planning System to be installed on Finnish Navy's vessels.

The Ceros 200 FCS fire control system will be installed on Squadron 2000 vessels. Ceros 200 FCS includes radar and optronic sensors and is suitable for integration in modern command and control systems. This contract is worth

€9.3 million ($11 million)

The Ceros 200 FCS have been installed on Visby-class corvettes, Rauma-class fast attack boats, and ANZAC frigates delivered to Australia and New Zealand.

The Missile Engagement Planning System (MEPS) for RBS15SFIII missiles will be installed on Hamina-class fast attack boats. Each Hamina-class craft can accommodate up to 4 RBS15 anti-ship missiles. The RBS15SFIII is a customized RBS15 missile designed to meet the Finnish requirements.

Actually, Saab started deliveries of RBS15SFIII anti-ship missiles to the Finnish Navy in October 2003 and will continue until 2005.

In addition, Kongsberg awarded a $20 million contract to Saab to supply Ceros 200 FCS fire control systems to be installed on Norwegian Navy's Skjold-class fast attack crafts.


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