Spain to Build 4 S-80 Submarines with Air Independent Propulsion

Released on Monday, September 15, 2003
Juan Carlos I
Scorpene Basic-AIP
Tiger HAD
AIP - Air Independent Propulsion
The government of Spain notified IZAR Construciones Navales its intention to purchase 4 S-80 submarines to replace four aging Agosta-class submarines currently operated by the Spanish Navy.

The S-80 submarines will be based on the Scorpene-AIP submarine developed jointly by DCN and IZAR. To date, Chile and Malaysia have ordered 2 Scorpene submarines each with diesel-electric propulsion.

The French Mesma Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system should be the preferred powerplant for the S-80 submarine, but that decision has not been released yet.

According to IZAR, S-80 submarines will feature 71.5 meters long overall, 7.3 meters hull diameter, 32+8 crew, and 2,345-ton submerged. No date has been released for submarines delivery to the Spanish Navy.

This decision was launched by the Spanish government within a €4.2 billion ($4.7 billion) initiative involving 24 Tiger HAD helicopters, one LHD ship, and approximately 200 Pizarro Infantry armored vehicles, and S-80 submarines as well.


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