Spain to Buy 24 Tiger Attack Helicopters

Released on Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Tiger HAD
Tiger HAP
Tiger UHT
The Spanish Government has announced its intention to purchase 24 Tiger helicopters in the HAD (Helicoptere Appui-Destruction / Support-Attack Helicopter) configuration for the Spanish Army. Spain will become the third European operator, fourth worldwide after Australia, of Eurocopter's Tiger.

The Tiger HAD is a derivative of the Tiger HAP multi-role combat support helicopter with 14% more powerful engines, a 30mm cannon, Mistral air-to-air missiles, rocket pods and Trigat anti-tank missiles. The Trigat fire and forget missile has been developed for the German Tiger UHT tank-killer helicopter.

The Tiger HAD variant will be jointly developed by companies from France and Spain, such as EADS CASA, Eurocopter, Eurocopter Espana, INDRA, MTR and ITP. By this way, Spain becomes the third major partner, along with Germany and France, of the Tiger program.

Eurocopter Espana will be responsible for integration of the 24 Tiger HAD helicopters, as well as, the rear fuselage for the Tigers produced by the entire program, including export helicopters. A final assembly line should be set up in Spain with first Tiger HAD helicopters delivered to the Spanish Army in 2007.

In addition, Spain could produce part of the Trigat LR anti-tank missile as an offset for Tiger helicopter purchase.


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