Spanish Navy Modernized Harrier Prototype Completes Test Flights

Released on Monday, February 7, 2011
AV-8B Harrier II Plus
AGE - Air Ground Equipment
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
The prototype aircraft in the Harrier Upgrade programme for the Spanish Navy has completed its test flight programme and is now at the Rota Naval Base facilities.

The programme to upgrade the configuration of the Navy's Harrier AV8B aircraft includes, among other modifications, the installation of the 408A engine and the implementation of improvements to the structure and avionics systems, as well as the incorporation of various Technical Directives and SDLM/AGE third level maintenance.

The rest of the aircraft covered by this contract is presently at the San Pablo facilities undergoing various stages of implementation of the modifications.

Enrique Barrientos, CEO of Cassidian Spain, comments: "Our most important objective is to meet our customer's needs. This is a milestone in the Harrier Upgrade programme and an example of our commitment to the Spanish Navy relating to the sustainment and operational support of its fixed-wing aircraft, as well as the development of new capabilities to enhance our service."

Source: CASSIDIAN completes prototype test flights in Harrier modernisation programme

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