Sting Ray Mod 1, Next Generation Lightweight Torpedo for UK

Released on Friday, February 14, 2003
Sting Ray
BAe - British Aerospace
BAe Systems has been awarded a £441 million ($700 million) contract to supply the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy with the next generation lightweight torpedo Sting Ray Mod 1.

The current lightweight torpedo Sting Ray was designed and produced in the 1980s. Sting Ray is the main anti-submarine weapon carried by the British Aircraft and surface ships.

Development contract of Sting Ray Mod 1 was awarded to BAe Systems in 1996 to extend weapon's operational life. This program successfully has achieved all of its goals with a new torpedo design implementing cutting edge technology to provide a level of weapon performance capable of defeating the most sophisticated submarines across the world's oceans.

A key feature of the new Mod 1 torpedo is its new digital homing, guidance and control systems. This feature enables the Sting Ray Mod 1 torpedo to operate in shallow waters

Sting Ray Mod 1 program also calls for the conversion of existing Sting Ray torpedoes to the new Mod 1 standard.

Sting Ray Mod 1 is scheduled to enter operational service in 2006. This torpedo will not require any major maintenance activity for more than 20 years. BAe Systems aims an excellent competitive position in the international/export market.


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