Stryker MGS Enters Army Testing

Released on Tuesday, February 25, 2003
M1128 Stryker MGS
C4ISR - Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
MGS - Mobile Gun System
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The Stryker Mobile Gun System model entered US Army qualification testing recently at Aberdeen Test Center, Maryland.

Qualification testing is a prerequisite to entering low rate initial production expected later this year.

To Date, General Dynamics has delivered 8 pre-production Stryker MGS to the US Army. These vehicles are part of the $4 billion contract awarded in November 2000 to General Dynamics and GM Defense to produce 2,131 Stryker lightweight armored vehicles.

The Stryker vehicles will operate in open, close and urban terrain. Stryker will be C-130 transportable, networked C4ISR capability, integral 14.5mm armor protection and 152mm artillery airburst protection, self-deployment and self-recovery capability, reduced acoustic signature, ability to carry 9 man infantry or engineer squad, and finally, bunker and wall breaching capability.

The US Army will have 6 Stryker Brigade Combat Teams by 2008. The Stryker is a eight-wheel vehicle than can travel at speeds of 62 mph on highways, with a range of 312 miles.

The Stryker MGS is armed with a 105mm tank cannon in a low-profile, fully stabilized, "shoot on the move" turret. It carries 18 rounds of NATO standard 105mm main gun ammunition, 400 rounds of .50 caliber, and 3,400 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition.


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