Successful Maiden Flight of Museco Unmanned Rotorcraft

Released on Thursday, April 8, 2010
NEO S-300
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
VTOL - Vertical TakeOff and Landing
In a joint effort Swiss UAV and EMT Penzberg successfully flew the first fully automated mission on the combat proven EMT LUNA Ground Control Station with its MUSECO VTOL UAV.

The flights are the result of joint integration efforts during the last months by Swiss UAV and EMT Penzberg, an aviation expert and supplier of the LUNA unmanned system to the German Armed Forces. The vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of the NEO S-300 are now part of the LUNA fixed-wing unmanned system family. MUSECO is a combination of Swiss UAV's NEO S-300 air vehicle with its vertical take-off and landing capability and parts of the LUNA UAV avionics, e.g. data link and electro optical day and night sensors. MUSECO is an abbreviation for Multi Sensor Copter.

During the flights MUSECO was controlled through the combat proven LUNA Ground Control Station and fully integrated the LUNA Command & Control communications links. The system demonstrated an automatic waypoint flight and in-flight deviations due to mission changes during its maiden

Source: Successful maiden flight of MUSECO VTOL UAV with combat proven

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