Sukhoi Su-35 Multirole Fighter Enters Flight Testing

Released on Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Moscow, February 20. "Sukhoi" The company began its flight tests multifunctional Su-35 fighter. The first flight took place at the airport Flight Research Institute M. Gromov in Moscow Zhukovsky. It was carried out by the renowned Test Pilot of the Russian Federation Sergei Bogdan. The program tests were fully implemented. No comments were provided on the performance of engines, systems and equipment.

Su-35 - deeply upgraded Ilyushin generation multifunctional fighter "4 + +". It used fifth-generation technology to ensure superiority over the same class fighters. Distinctive features of a new set of aircraft avionics based on digital information management system, integrated avionics system, a new radar station with the array antenna featuring long-range detection of air targets simultaneously with increased number of target tracked simultaneously and low observable goals, new engines with increased thrust and thrust vectoring control.

Currently, the Komsomolskaya-on-Amur aviation manufacturing Yuri A. Gagarin (KnAAPO) is assembling two more advanced Su-35s. They will join the test program this year. Serial production and supply of Russian and foreign fighters to customers are scheduled for 2010 - 2011's. Admission Su-35 by the Russian Air Force will enhance defense capability, but will also allow the company "Dry" to stay competitive in the market place of fifth-generation fighter aircraft, of which KnAAPO began producing the first prototypes in late last year.

Source: "Sukhoi" The company began its flight tests of Su-35 fighter

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