Super Dvora Mark 3 Reaches 48.3 Knots in Sea State 3 During Sea Trials

Released on Thursday, February 14, 2008
Super Dvora Mk-III
ASD - Articulated Surface Drives
IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries
POP - Plug-in Optronic Payload
The first Super Dvora MK-3 waterjet-powered fast patrol craft has begun sea trials. In its maiden sea trial carried out recently, the waterjet-powered fast patrol craft attained a top speed of 48.3 knots in seasonal waters reaching Sea State 3 (wave heights of 3.5 ft). The Super Dvora MK-3 is designed and produced by the Ramta Division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), located in Beer Sheva, Israel.

The craft now being tested is the first waterjet powered craft of the Super Dvora MK-3 class. The craft are available with a choice of propulsion options, using either state-of-the-art articulating surface drives (ASD) as incorporated in the first six Super Dvora MK-3's and dozens of other Mark-2's and "Dabur" class craft from IAI/Ramta, or waterjet propulsion.

"The selection of propulsion systems for our craft, whether waterjets or ASD, has always been the customer's decision", says Dr. Daniel Seren, chief naval architect of IAI/Ramta and head of its naval systems businesses. "We're very pleased with the achievements of the first Mark-3 waterjet craft in its first time out in relatively stormy conditions".

The waterjet powered Super Dvora MK-3 is 27.4 meters (90 ft.) in length, 5.7 meters (18.7 ft.) at its beam and has a displacement ranging up to 72 tonnes. The craft uses two MTU4000M90 diesel engines driving two Ka Me Wa 63SII waterjets. The craft possesses a very lethal precision strike capability using the Rafael, Ltd. "Typhoon" stabilized 25mm cannon slaved to an IAI Tamam Division POP-300 day/night mast-mounted optronic payload. The craft excels in high-speed maneuverability in both shallow and deep water, and has a range of over 1,250 nautical miles. The Super Dvora MK-3 was designed in its entirety around advanced human engineering, and has a proven very low life-cycle cost to operate and maintain.

The craft remains the backbone of the Israel Navy fleet of fast patrol craft carrying out a wide variety of coastal and homeland security missions day and night along Israel's coastline and territorial waters, maritime approaches, and commercial sea lanes in the eastern Mediterranean.

IAI/Ramta has been supplying its line of fast patrol craft since 1974 covering all variations and classes among them the "Dabur", "Dvora", "Super Dvora Mark-1, Mark-2, and Mark-3".

Source: IAI/Ramta Division's First Super Dvora Mark 3 Waterjet-Powered Fast Patrol Craft Reaches Speed of 48.3 Knots in Sea State 3 During First Sea Trial Conducted Off Mediterranean Coast

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