Switzerland FLORAKO System Operational

Released on Tuesday, March 23, 2004
ThalesRaytheonSystems, a joint venture between Raytheon and Thales, has announced that Switzerland's FLORAKO air defense, command and control system achieved initial operational capability at early February.

The FLORAKO system is being operated by the Swiss Air Force and comprises Master surveillance radars, a data communications system, a new air picture generation and airspace management system, and a new air command and control center. The FLORAKO is the replacement for the aging FLORIDA system.

The FLORAKO will achieve fully functional status by 2006 through the addition of new capabilities and features.

This program was launched in the 1998/1999 period with an estimated acquisition cost of 728 million Swiss francs ($586 million) plus 95 million Swiss francs ($76 million) to build infrastructures needed to home the FLORAKO system.


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