Tactical Tomahawk Full Rate Production Approved

Released on Wednesday, August 18, 2004
United Kingdom
United States of America
Tactical Tomahawk
Tomahawk Block III
FMS - Foreign Military Sale
GPS - Global Positioning System
The US Navy has awarded Raytheon a firm order multi-year contract worth approximately $1.6 billion for the full rate production of up to 2,200 Tomahawk Block IV tactical cruise missiles. The US Navy (2,135) and the Royal Navy (65) will use these missiles for land attack missions.

The missiles will be delivered between fiscal year 2004 and fiscal year 2008. Work will be performed in Tucson, Arizona, and is expected to be completed by June 2011. The US Navy allocates $1.56 billion and the United Kingdom will provide $47 million under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program.

Raytheon will receive $287 million in fiscal year 2004 with more procurement orders placed over the next five years totaling up to $1.6 billion. The US Navy aims to replenish its Tomahawk inventory, nowadays comprising legacy Tomahawk Block III missiles, with the advanced and inexpensive Tactical Tomahawk.

The $287 million FY2004 order will be completed in December 2006. The first Tactical Tomahawk low rate production missiles were delivered to the Navy in May 2004. Each Block IV missile costs approximately a half of legacy Block III missile. The Navy total procurement of Tactical Tomahawk could be as high as 2,790 units.

The Tomahawk Block IV or Tactical Tomahawk introduces flex-targeting (via a two-way satellite data link) and loitering attack capabilities to the long range, precision strike Tomahawk land attack missile. Moreover, the Tomahawk Block IV missile will have a 15-year recertification cycle, compared to Block III variant's eight-year recertification cycle.

The Block IV missile also introduces GPS-based only guidance, real-time missile health and status, and battle damage assessment via satellite data link capabilities. An improved anti-jam GPS receiver has been provided to the Tactical Tomahawk as well.


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