Taiwan Agrees to Purchase Blast Fragmentation Hellfire II Missiles

Released on Tuesday, January 4, 2005
United States of America
AGM-114K Hellfire II
AGM-114M Hellfire II
FMS - Foreign Military Sale
HEAT - High Explosive Anti Tank
Lockheed-Martin has announced that the US Army has executed a letter of agreement with Taiwan on the purchase of AGM-114M Hellfire II blast fragmentation missile rounds worth about $50 million.

The sale will be executed through the foreign military sales (FMS) program. A contract between the US government and Lockheed-Martin has been placed for more than 600 AGM-114M and AGM-114K Hellfire II missiles. Taiwan will receive more than 400 AGM-114Ms, Israel will receive up to 60 AGM-114Ks and the balance will go to the US Army inventory.

This contract represents the largest order for AGM-114M missiles placed to date, either both domestically or internationally. Production work began early this year and is expected to last for six months at Lockheed-Martin manufacturing plant in Troy, Alabama.

The AGM-114M Hellfire II is a variant of proven AGM-114K replacing the high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) with blast fragmentation warhead. The blast fragmentation warhead along with a delay fuze has been optimized for naval targets engagement. The M variant can destroy corvettes and small-sized frigates launched either from rotary-wing aircraft, boats or ground platforms.

With this order becomes the second AGM-114M operator after the United States military. Taiwan will use these missiles to strength its defenses against hostile amphibious assault operations coming from China. At the same time, Taiwan will improve its interoperability with US military forces.


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