Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust Takes Delivery of an A119 Koala Helicopter

Released on Monday, June 18, 2007
A119 Koala
AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust of New Zealand has taken delivery of its A119 Koala single turbine engine helicopter, marking the entrance of this successful helicopter in the New Zealand market. The arrival of the A119 Koala at Base Hospital will dramatically improve the capability of the Taranaki Rescue to provide emergency medical services in the Taranaki district, which ranges from Waikawau (Tirau Point) in the north, inland to Tangarakau and south to the coast at Waitotara. The Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust has evolved from small beginnings to become the preeminent provider of emergency medical services in New Zealand. Its activities are supported by the Government, via ACC and The Ministry of Health, which provide half the funding, the remainder being met from the community, New Zealand Lotteries, pub charities and local business sponsorship.

In order to perform its various roles, Taranaki is taking advantage of the A119 Koalas' unequalled ability to convert to a Medevac/Emergency Medical Service configuration that can accommodate two stretchers together with full patient access for the medical attendants and without any intrusion into the cockpit area. The internal layout includes provision for the installation of all necessary medical equipment to treat patients whilst in transit. Two standard rails are positioned on the cabin rear bulkhead and on the upper side panels that include outlets for oxygen, emergency air and power.

The A119 Koala can even play a major role in Australasia as an ideal solution to perform aerial work operations and for Antarctic support activities and its evolution, the brand new AW119 Ke (Koala enhanced), thanks to its outstanding performance and payload, offers even increased capabilities.

Source: Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust Takes Delivery Of An A119 Koala Helicopter

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