Thales to Supply Components for D2S2 Program

Released on Friday, October 29, 2004
BMC2 - Battle Management Command and Control
IOC - Initial Operational Capability
The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands has awarded Thales a contract to develop and deliver prototype systems that will be the key components of the future Dutch Digitized Soldier System (D2S2) program.

The components provided by Thales will improve the communications capabilities over legacy systems used by the Netherlands' infantry while matching the objectives needed in the 21st century. The contract includes soldier radios, a central processing computer, user-friendly control unit and commander interactive displays. D2S2 individual systems will be linked to the Dutch Army's Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2) system.

Thanks to D2S2 the Netherlands' soldier will become a "individual network" integrated into company chain of command. Enhanced situational awareness will lead to improved survivability in the battlefield as well as combat efficiency through a real-time network providing accurate information.

D2S2 is expected to be a lightweight, modular equipment capable of dealing with new threats and the high-demanding operational requirements of the Netherlands' Army. Thales radio systems will provide interoperability with joint and coalition forces. In addition, the overall system open architecture will ensure future upgrades to be fielded rapidly with minor impact in operational availability for Dutch fighting units.

The Netherlands' Ministry of Defense, Thales and TNO, the Netherlands' Organization for Applied Scientific Research, will be responsible for the entire project. Testing and evaluation of early D2S2 systems has been planned in 2005. Delivery of the first production systems to the Netherlands' Army is expected in 2006, thereafter achieving initial operational capability (IOC).


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