Thales to Supply Crew Vision Enhancers for Canadian Armored Vehicles

Released on Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Leopard 2 A6M
CDCM - Compact Display Control Module
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
CVE - Crew Vision Enhancement
DND - Canadian Department of National Defence
DVE - Driver's Vision Enhancer
NTP - Notice to Proceed
RODVE - Remotely Operated Driver's Vision Enhancer
UK - United Kingdom
US - United States
Thales Canada has received a Notice to Proceed (NTP) from the Government of Canada to equip 200 vehicles under the Department of National Defence Crew Vision Enhancement (CVE) program. Thales was awarded the C$9M program contract in December, 2010 and will commence supply of its driver's vision enhancement (DVE) solution to three types of vehicles, including the Canadian Forces fleet of Leopard 2 battle tanks.

"We are pleased to continue delivering on the Government of Canada's requirements with our DVE solution benefiting our armoured troops with improved situational awareness visibility and tactical effectiveness. We have been DND's sole DVE supplier and the Canadian Army's supplier of choice since 1997. Our equipment has been used effectively in various theatres of operation. Most recently, we are proud to support our troops in Afghanistan," said Paul Kahn, Thales Canada President and CEO. "We continue to advance our optronic solutions and contribute to Canada's industrial defence footprint. This NTP further supports Thales' position as a preferred supplier of thermal imaging products."

The equipment to be delivered by Thales consists of 2 RODVE (Remotely Operated Driver's Vision Enhancers), 1 CDCM (Compact Display Control Module), and associated cabling. All equipment is designed and manufactured in Canada by Thales at its Optronics business in Montreal, a center-of-competence for the Thales Group. Thales first introduced the RODVE to DND's first DVE program in 2007, a contract for equipping 397 vehicles of 5 different types. The RODVE uses microbolometer-based uncooled technology.

The CDCM was first delivered to Canada in 2010 on an initial purchase to use for retrofit of older vehicles. Its compact shape allows crews to use thermal imaging for driving and situational awareness in vehicles where space is critical.

Thales Canada is the largest non-US manufacturer of microbolometer-based DVE systems with total deliveries to date exceeding 2000 units delivered to Canada, the UK and various export markets. Thales Canada also has a portfolio of patents related to DVE.

Source: Thales gets go-ahead from the Canadian Army

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