ThalesRaytheonSystems Selected to Develop M3R Radar

Released on Monday, September 29, 2003
Aster 30
The French DGA, Defense Procurement Agency, has awarded ThalesRaytheonSystem a €70 million ($78 million) contract to develop a demonstrator for a new generation of air defense radar.

The new radar demonstrator will be the basis for a family of mobile, multi-functional, modular radars called M3R. M3Rs will be able to detect targets featuring low radar cross section such as stealth aircraft and cruise missiles at longer ranges than existing air defense radars. In addition, M3R radars will be able to provide detection against tactical ballistic missiles while operating in intense clutter environments.

The M3R radars will feature new solid state electronic components and an active modular phased array antenna.

The M3R radars will be deployed within the SAMP/T theater ballistic and air defense system by 2010. SAMP/T is being developed by France and Italy and will employ long range ASTER 30 surface to air missiles.

ThalesRaytheonSystem is a joint venture between Raytheon from the United States and Thales Group from France.


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