The French Army Orders 314 PVPs

Released on Thursday, September 16, 2004
DGA - Délégation Générale pour l'Armement
FCLV - Future Command and Liaison Vehicle
PVP - petit véhicule protégé
SNAA - société nouvelle des automobiles Auverland
UK - United Kingdom
The French DGA, délégation générale pour l'armement or Armament Procurement Agency, has awarded a €40 million ($48 million) production contract to société nouvelle des automobiles Auverland (SNAA) for 314 petit véhicule protégé/protected small vehicles (PVP).

These vehicles ordered for the French Army will be delivered beginning in 2007. This contract represents the first batch of a procurement program valued at €108 million ($135 million) for 933 armored vehicles. The €108 million figure also includes manufacturing and support costs. The Auverland A4 AVL vehicle was selected for the PVP program by the DGA and the French Army during technical-operational comparative tests with other bidders underwent mainly at the Ventoux mountain, France.

The French Army envisages that current and future operational scenarios will require improved protection on military platforms, specially those of support units. Basically, the all-terrain PVP vehicle has improved protection, air transportability, and higher mobility than current systems.

The Auverland A4 AVL solution provides a seat capacity ranging from two to seven, modular design for future growth, improved/innovative protection for personnel and engine compartments due to aluminum and steel plates use, and overall weight below five tons. The French solution results quite similar to UK Future Combat and Liaison Vehicle (FCLV) solution.


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