The Netherlands Selects EADS for Future Ground Based Air Defense

Released on Thursday, March 10, 2005
FGBAD - Future Ground Based Air Defence
LAN - Local Area Network
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The Dutch Ministry of Defense has selected EADS to supply ground based radars and weapon coordination systems in support of Future Ground Based Air Defense (FGBAD). A contract has been awarded to EADS following this announcement.

The FGBAD will be interoperable with those air defense systems operated by NATO countries as well as suitable for out-of-area deployments. FGBAD, playing the role of reconnaissance and command system for anti-aircraft operations, will be assigned to the Dutch Army to counter the full spectrum of airborne threats. Individual components of the full-scale system can be employed separately by rapid reaction forces in regional crisis Moreover, FGBAD will represent a leap forward for the Dutch air surveillance network.

EADS won this contract after stiff international competition using its mobile air reconnaissance and weapon coordination solution. The contract covers delivery of three TRML-3D mobile tactical surveillance and target acquisition radar systems which are intended to provide real-time surveillance within a sampling time of only two seconds while providing the required mobility and autonomy needed in out-of-area operations. In addition, a communications vehicles with integrated interfaces will ensure interoperability with other radar systems and control posts

To ensure weapon coordination of distributed units, all components of FGBAD system will be connected through a wireless Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure. This approach allows to exchange secure information in real-time between radar units, the command communications vehicle and weapon systems. Thus situational awareness can be conducted faster than with legacy air defense systems. A standard NATO datalink ensures interoperability and operations coordination with other NATO air defense systems operated by partner nations.


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