The US Army to Evaluate Bonus Projectile

Released on Wednesday, January 19, 2005
United States of America
United Defense has announced that it was awarded a contract for delivery and testing of a cannon fired 155mm precision projectile, known as Bonus, by the US Army. The Bonus is the result of close cooperation between Swedish Bofors Defence AB, a United Defense subsidiary, and French GIAT Industries.

The spin-stabilized Bonus has been developed to enhance existing and planned 155mm howitzers providing precision kill capability against armored targets such as tanks and armored vehicles. Bonus carries two sensor fuzed submunitions that are dispensed in the target area, the infrared sensor determines the target position and directs the submunition to it detonating on its roof where the armor is weaker.

United Defense will deliver Bonus precision ammunition in both test and tactical configurations in 2005. The ammunition will be used by the US Army to evaluate and qualify Bonus on existing US 155mm field cannon artillery platforms. The ammunition entered service in 2002 with the Armies of France and Sweden, which are the only customers for the weapon to date.

The dual-mode sensor Bonus Mk II that will be provided to the US Army has been developed to counter a new generation of armored vehicles with minimized infrared signature. For that reason, Bonus Mk II adds a new Laser Radar (LADAR) sensor to the Bonus' sensor package, which already relied on an infrared sensor. Bonus Mk II is a new variant of Bonus and is expected to be ready for service in 2005.

The firing and testing, as well as captive flight testing, of such a weapon will be conducted at the US Army's Yuma Proving Ground near Yuma, Arizona. The contract associated work awarded to United Defense are scheduled for completion before the end of this year.


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