Tiger and NH90 to Be Outfitted with Advanced Threat Warning Equipment

Released on Tuesday, March 16, 2004
AGM-114K Hellfire II
Tiger ARH
JCM - Joint Common Missile
TWE - Threat Warning Equipment
UK - United Kingdom
Eurocopter awarded a €200 million ($251 million) contract to EADS, Thales and MBDA for the supply and integration of the advanced Threat Warning Equipment (TWE) into Tiger and NH90 helicopters ordered by Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Portugal, and Finland.

The Threat Warning Equipment self-protection system includes a missile approach warning system and a laser warning receiver developed by EADS, an instantaneous wide-band radar warning system and a central processing unit developed by Thales, and a chaff/flare dispenser developed by MBDA.

Over 500 TWE self-protection systems will be delivered and integrated in the NH90 multi-purpose helicopter and Tiger attack helicopter between 2004 and 2012. Recent experience gained in Iraq by allied forces showed that state-of-the-art self-protection systems are a must for rotary wing aircraft survivability.

Lockheed-Martin announced on 18 March 2004 that the M299 fully digital launcher with Hellfire II anti-tank missiles performed seamlessly during the Australian Tiger ARH maiden flight. This represents the second time that digital M299 launcher has been integrated onto an international aircraft, the first one was UK's WAH-64 helicopter.

Tiger ARH outfitted with the M299 launcher will now enter demonstrations flights to validate the Hellfire II missile on the Tiger attack helicopter platform through the fall of 2005. Lockheed-Martin aims to provide the M299 launcher and Hellfire II missiles to other Tiger helicopter operators. The M299 launcher is fully compatible with the Hellfire successor, the JCM, being developed for the US military.


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