TopOwl Helmet-Mounted Display Tested Successfully onboard C-160 Transall

Released on Tuesday, November 6, 2007
C-160 Transall
Thales announces today that its TopOwl Helmet-Mounted Display System has successfully completed a series of flight tests on-board military transport aircraft in France.

Tests were carried out using Thales's highly successful TopOwl-H Helmet Mounted Sight and Display, originally designed for helicopter pilots. TopOwl is based on a unique concept incorporating a night vision system with a 100% overlapped projection of a binocular image on the visor. Projecting an image on to the visor allows the pilot to see through the intensified image, identifying obstacles with greater accuracy and improving overall perception of the aircraft's environment.

Given the operational advantages provided by TopOwl, in addition to the difficulty of night flying, it was decided to assess the potential use of the TopOwl helmet on tactical transport aircraft.

The tests at the Toulouse-Francazal air base were organised in May and June by French Air Force Staff and the military flight test centres CEV and CEAM to evaluate the night vision function of TopOwl on C-160 Transall aircraft.

The tests aimed at gaining French defence procurement agency clearance for the Helmet-Mounted Display System by evaluating its suitability for military transport aircraft and its contribution to flight safety, with a view to qualification on the A400M for night missions.

Air Force and CEV aircrews carried out the test flights under operational conditions at night, validating the use of the TopOwl system for all the tasks performed by pilots of tactical transport aircraft.

Source: Thales successfully tests its TopOwl helmet onboard military transport aircraft

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