UAC Delivers an Il-96-300 Presidential Jet and an Il-96-400T Freighter

Released on Thursday, April 23, 2009
UAC - United Aircraft Corporation
Voronezh, 23 April 2009. Ilyushin Finance and Voronezh Aviation Plant (VASO), both members in the United Aircraft Corporation, delivered two new aircraft of the Il-96 family. The RA-96019 passenger jet, an Il-96-300, went to the Special Air Detachment under the Administration of the President of Russian Federation (the operator is also referred to as the Moscow branch of GTK "Rossiya", GTK stands for "State Transport Company"). The RA-96101 freighter, an Il-96-400T, was delivered to Voronezh-based Polet airline. Minister for Industry and Trade Victor Khristenko took part in the delivery ceremony, along with UAC President and Chairman of the Executive Board Aleksey Fedorov, and Governor of Voronezh Region Aleksey Gordeyev. Documents confirming delivery were signed by VASO General Director Vitaly Zubarev, Ilyushin Finance General Director Aleksandr Rubtsov, Deputy Chief Engineer of GTK Rossiya Moscow branch Aleksandr Kucherov and Polet General Director Anatoly Karpov.

The RA-96019 aircraft became the fourth Il-96-300 to enter service with the air detachment serving the President and Government of Russia (earlier the operator accepted RA-96012, RA-96016 and RA-96018). The air detachment now possesses sufficient number of Il-96-300 aircraft to maintain a smooth operation. This allows to withdraw the long-serving Il-62 jetliners.

The Il-96-400T is a new member in the Il-96 family. It features a stretched fuselage, improved Perm PS-90A1 engines and brand-new avionics set of the Russian origin. The quality of the engines and avionics permits operations around the world without restrictions. Polet airline has become the Il-96-400T launch customer with firm order for three aircraft with deliveries due within few months.

Meantime, another milestone is due shortly. VASO is completing work on first Russian-made An-148 regional jet, in the view of delivery to the launch customer GTK Rossiya within few months. The An-148 is a major program for the Voronezh plant. In the past 18 months the United Aircraft Corporation has invested a total of 6.9 billion Roubles into VASO programs, including Rouble 3.3 billion into the An-148. The money was spent to purchase new manufacturing equipment and set up the An-148 assembly line. In addition, UAC is planning to invest additional Rouble 7.5 billion into VASO programs this year.

Source: Two Il-96 Aircraft Delivered in Voronezh

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