UGCV Prototypes Rolled Out

Released on Thursday, February 13, 2003
DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
FCS - Future Combat Systems
UGCV - Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle
The US Army, DARPA and their contractor teams have unveiled the two UGCV technology demonstration platforms to the public. The two prototypes will now enter a period of extensive testing to validate the design performance characteristics.

The US Army and DARPA have sponsored the development of the two prototype UGCV technology demonstration platform as a part of the jointly funded FCS program.

The Team Retarius platform rolled out during a ceremony at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico. The prototype weights about 1,500 pounds.

The Team Retarius UGCV will carry a variety of payloads weighing approximately 350 pounds and is close to the size the FCS is considering for its "mule" type vehicle. FCS envisions the mule vehicle in a variety of roles from direct support to dismounted troops to light reconnaissance as part of a network of combat entities.

Team Sniper rolled out its 7 ton prototype in Pittsburg. Team Sniper prototype is close to the size of the FCS Armed Reconnaissance Vehicle and will carry a payload of approximately 4,500 pounds.

Both designs can accommodate severe events like rollovers and continue operation upside down. Each are configured for air drop and long-range operations

Both vehicles are also highly mobile and can obtain very low profile configurations to reduce their detectability. Power systems aboard each vehicle are advanced hybrid electric to provide long silent watch and movement as well as enable unique payload packaging strategies.


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