UH-60M First Flight

Released on Tuesday, September 23, 2003
UH-60A Blackhawk
UH-60L Blackhawk
UH-60M BlackHawk
UH-60Q Medevac
The Sikorsky company has announced that the newest UH-60 helicopter derivative, the UH-60M, took to the Florida skies on September 17th completing its first flight flawlessly.

The UH-60M configuration will replace the UH-60L configuration for all US Army new-built Black Hawks in 2007.

The UH-60M model features new T700-GE-701D engines, wide chord rotor blades, a new stabilization system, and many other changes.

The UH-60M #1 is a modified Uh-60A helicopter. The UH-60M #2 will be a modified UH-60L focusing on avionics tests such as glass cockpit displays, navigation system and the 4-axis fully-coupled autopilot.

The UH-60M #3 should be a modified UH-60Q Medevac helicopter and #4 a new production UH-60M helicopter.

The UH-60M helicopter will enter in low rate production phase in 2004 with an estimated 90 Black Hawk aircraft modified per year by 2012.

Eventually, the US Army could decide to upgrade up to 1,200 existing UH-60A and UH-60L Black Hawk helicopters and purchase 300 new production UH-60Ms. The completion of such a plan is expected to span up to 25 years.

The Sikorsky's H-60 Hawk helicopter entered service in 1978 and more than 2,500 have been delivered to date. Over 2,000 H-60 Hawk helicopters have been delivered to the US military.


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