US Air Force Accepts First Small Diameter Bomb I

Released on Monday, May 22, 2006
United States of America
F-15E Strike Eagle
SDB - Small Diameter Bomb
The Boeing Company today delivered the first production Small Diameter Bomb I (SDB I) System to the U.S Air Force during a rollout ceremony at the Boeing Weapons facility in St. Charles, Missouri.

The SDB I weapon system, which includes a four-bomb capacity carriage, is the first of a new generation of weapons whose small size and robust performance greatly increase the mission capability of current and future platforms. It also is the first of more than 24,000 such weapons and 2,000 carriages the Boeing SDB team will manufacture for the Air Force.

The Air Force is investing $1.2 billion for production of the system, with deliveries planned beyond 2015.

During development, Boeing successfully tested 39 SDBs against a variety of fixed targets, hitting each target within less than four feet of its surveyed aimpoint.

The all-weather SDB I weapon system is compatible with every U.S. fighter and bomber aircraft. It has a standoff range of 60 nautical miles. At 71 inches long, this 250-pound class weapon quadruples the number of weapons each aircraft can carry. The system will be deployed first on the Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle later this year.


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