US Army Approves GE for Next Phase Advanced Affordable Turbine Engine Program

Released on Wednesday, November 21, 2007
AATE - Advanced Affordable Turbine Engine
November 21, 2007 -- LYNN, Mass. -- GE has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by the U.S. Army covering the next phase of the Advanced Affordable Turbine Engine (AATE) program. Under this contract, GE will continue to collaborate with the Army and invest in state-of-the-art engineering and design proficiencies that will help establish the next-generation military attack and utility helicopter powerplant.

The objective of AATE is the development of a 3,000-shaft-horsepower engine to demonstrate advanced gas turbine technology that improves power performance and fuel consumption characteristics and also enhances part durability and reliability. These attributes are needed to meet the emerging endurance and cruise requirements associated with future Army aviation platforms.

In concert with other Army engine demonstrator programs, AATE will establish a validated technology base from which future Army rotorcraft engine engineering development efforts may evolve at minimum risk, time, and development cost. The overall goals include a 25% reduction in specific fuel consumption, a 65% improvement in shaft-horsepower-to-weight, a 20% improvement in design life, a 35% reduction in production and maintenance cost, and a 15% reduction in development cost.

GE Aviation has distinguished itself by having been selected in five AATE component areas-advanced power turbine, CMC's, mechanical systems, compact/high power combustor and advanced compressor-leading up to this engine demonstrator program, and has been developing engine component technologies for integration into AATE since 2001.

"We are firmly committed to leveraging the hallmark success of the T700 engine family and infusing our technical expertise, resources and continual innovation into development of AATE," said Andrea Cox, GE Engineering Manager for Lynn Advanced Programs. "We are focusing our attention on meeting or exceeding AATE performance targets and the established schedule."

AATE will also demonstrate technologies to minimize overall vehicle operation and support costs. Improved fuel consumption, durability, reliability, and maintainability characteristics and the emphasis on lower production and maintenance costs are expected to result in significantly reduced operation and support costs.

GE's successful T700/CT7 family of turboprop and turboshaft engines currently powers 25 types of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft in service with more than 130 customers in more than 50 countries.

Source: GE Awarded Advanced Affordable Turbine Engine Contract by U.S. Army

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