US Navy QDR Highlights

Released on Monday, February 6, 2006
United States of America
LCS Freedom
QDR - Quadrennial Defense Review
The Defense Department's recently released Quadrennial Defense Review will vector the Navy toward the development of new skills and critical missions. The QDR calls for the Navy to have a greater presence in the Pacific Ocean, consistent with the global shift of trade and transport.

Accordingly, the report says the Navy will maintain at least six operationally available and sustainable carriers and 60 percent of its submarines in the Pacific to support engagement, presence and deterrence missions.

Other maritime decisions made by the QDR include:

1.- Building a larger fleet that includes 11 Carrier Strike Groups, balance the need to transform and recapitalize the fleet, improve affordability and provide stability for the shipbuilding industry.

2.- Accelerating procurement of Littoral Combat Ships to provide power projection capabilities in littoral waters.

3.- Procuring the first eight ships of the Maritime Pre-Position Force (Future) to improve the Department's ability to operate in restricted access environments.

4.- Returning to a steady-state production rate of two attack submarines per year not later than 2012 while achieving an average per-hull procurement cost objective of $2.0 billion.


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