US Navy Recommends Raytheon Submarine Combat System for Fleet Introduction

Released on Tuesday, August 21, 2007
United States of America
SSGN 726 Ohio
SSN 21 Seawolf
COTS - Commercial Off-The-Shelf
SSGN - Nuclear-powered Guided Missile Submarine
SSN - Nuclear-powered Attack Submarine
SSN - Ship Submersible Nuclear
TEWKSBURY, Mass., Aug. 21, 2007 /PRNewswire/ -- The U.S. Navy has recommended Raytheon Company's (NYSE: RTN) advanced submarine combat control system, AN/BYG-1, for fleet introduction on the SSGN Ohio Class and SSN-21 Seawolf Class attack submarines after favorable tests and evaluations. The recent Follow-on Operational Test & Evaluation reports highlighted several performance enhancements and confirmed the operational effectiveness and suitability of the AN/BYG-1(V)6 and (V)7 for the SSN-21 and SSGN platforms.

AN/BYG-1 exploits the power of sonar, electronic support measures, radar, navigation, periscopes, communication, command and weapons to provide a fully integrated submarine combat system. The system was designed using commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment and open standards that provide interoperability, portability, scalability and supplier independence for all hardware and software components. The AN/BYG-1 system allows for rapid COTS insertion to accommodate and integrate additional functionality, sensors and/or weapons.

"The customer commended the AN/BYG-1 combat system's reliability, maintainability, training and documentation," said Upinder Dhinsa, vice president of Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems' (IDS) Maritime Mission Systems. "We see this as a testament to Raytheon's ongoing commitment to delivering highly capable and affordable solutions for the U.S. Navy's submarine fleet."

Raytheon IDS is the AN/BYG-1 systems integrator for the combat control suite, delivering the advanced communication, navigation and weapon launch capabilities that are critical to submarine combat operations. In addition to the weapons control subsystem, the company provides integration, control and coordination of the tactical control, weapons control, and tactical network subsystems, ensuring complete end-to-end functionality.

Integrated Defense Systems is Raytheon's leader in Joint Battlespace Integration providing affordable, integrated solutions to a broad international and domestic customer base, including the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, the U.S. Armed Forces and the Department of Homeland Security.

Source: U.S. Navy Recommends Raytheon Submarine Combat System for Fleet Introduction

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