US Submarine Makes First Launch of Underwater Glider

Released on Wednesday, November 23, 2005
United States of America
SSN 688 Los Angeles
RIMPAC - Rim of the Pacific
USS - United States Ship
In a first for the US Navy, an underwater glider was launched with the aid of Navy divers from the Dry Deck Shelter aboard USS Buffalo (SSN 715) November 14.

The glider is a uniquely mobile network component capable of moving to specific locations and depths and gathering various information, which is transmitted on a predetermined interval when it surfaces to computers via a built-in satellite phone.

The battery-powered device paints a picture for assets below and above the ocean that can be used to the US Navy's submarines advantage. Gliders have demonstrated their capability in various exercises such as RIMPAC (exercise Rim of the Pacific) '04. Retrieving a glider via submarine is a logical next step.

The gliders are relatively inexpensive, easy to reconfigure for various missions, and have a long life span with minimal maintenance required. When new batteries are required, they can simply be replaced and the glider can be put back in the water again.


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