United Defense FCS Prototypes Achieving New Milestones

Released on Wednesday, February 26, 2003
FCS - Future Combat Systems
IAAPS - Integrated Army Active Protection System
United Defense has announced that its FCS-prototypes recently have achieved several milestones. Demonstrating the feasibility of the FCS program and some key features of the US Army's next generation ground combat vehicles

The FCS wheeled prototype has achieved successfully 1,100 miles of testing at facilities in California. Demonstrating robust performance of hybrid-electric propulsion and the vehicle's advanced hull structure.

The 8x8 FCS-W (Wheeled) prototype incorporates turbine driven, hybrid-electric drive system and two-man cockpit workstation.

FCS vehicles feature new and advanced material designs that provide superior ballistic protection through an advanced hull structure.

FCS-W is designed to deliver a max. road speed of 75 mph, max. cross country speed of 40 mph and acceleration from 0-to-30 mph in just 7 seconds. Vehicle's hull combines titanium, high-strength aluminum alloy, polymer composite and ceramics.

Hybrid-Electric powered demonstrator has shown an average 20% fuel consumption improvement over a diesel powered M113A3.

United Defense anticipates that these savings could reach 50% under mission conditions.

United Defense and the US Army also demonstrated the defeat of 3 categories of anti-tank threats by the Integrated Army Active Protection System (IAAPS).

The IAAPS achieved simultaneously defeating of incoming anti-tank guided missiles

FCS vehicles weighing under 20 tons will require an integrated suite of sensors, processors and countermeasures, along with lightweight armor, to survive against the most lethal anti-armor threats.

Future plans for the IAAPS system include incorporation of the objective active protection countermunition for hardened threats and large caliber long rod penetrators.


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