United Defense Integrates Automation Software onto NLOS-C

Released on Wednesday, February 4, 2004
United States of America
C-130H Hercules
FCS - Future Combat Systems
NLOS-C - Non-Line-Of-Sight Cannon
United Defense has announced that a new tactical software has been integrated successfully onto its Non Line-of-Sight Cannon (NLOS-C) demonstrator allowing the system to achieve revolutionary automation capabilities.

The integration of the automation software onto the NLOS-C demonstrator has been done in just 10 months thanks to simulated design environment.

The tactical software will integrate the robotic ammunition handling and auto-loading systems to enable a two-person crew to operate the 155mm NLOS-C howitzer. Currently fielded self-propelled howitzers worldwide require a crew of 4 or 5-person to operate them.

Finally, the 155mm NLOS-C cannon with the tactical automation software was successfully tested firing eight rounds at a rate of more than six round per minute at Yuma Proving Ground near Yuma, Arizona.

The automated NLOS-C cannon to be fielded within the Future Combat Systems (FCS) will save US soldiers from stressing lift and load of 100-pound (50 kg) projectile and propellant charge.

The two-man crew will be able to select and load the proper projectile and propellant charge, set the fuze and fire the NLOS-C cannon with one one push on a computer screen while protected under armor. The automation software will provide malfunction reports and messages to quickly correct the problem an execute the mission.

The NLOS-C cannon is intended for delivery of faster and more accurate firepower than ever before. In addition, system's lightweight design will allow NLOS-C to be airlifted by C-130 sized aircraft.


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