Viper Strike Scores Direct Hits in US Army-Northrop Tests

Released on Wednesday, April 9, 2003
GBU-44/B Viper Strike
The Northrop-Grumman Corporation has announced that the Viper Strike precision munition released from the Hunter UAV scored 7 direct hits in 9 attempts during a series of tests carried out jointly with the US Army.

The targets employed during the tests ranged from trucks to rocket and missile launchers to a tank in heavy countermeasures environment.

These tests were conducted at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, in March 29 and 30.

The objective of the tests was to validate the concept of the Viper Strike and the operational feasibility of Viper Strike integrated on the Hunter Unmanned Air Vehicle.

The Viper Strike is a derivative of the BAT submunition featuring a semi-active laser seeker to find its designated target.

The Viper Strike has been designed to engage targets inside built up areas. It requires someone to aim at the target with a laser in order to be engaged by the Viper Strike. That duty can be done by someone close to the target or even by the Hunter UAV.

During the tests 7 of 9 Viper Strike submunitions reached their designated targets while 2 of them missed theirs by a few feet but still inflicted measurable damage.


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